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I want to disable chef-client run instead of stopping chef-client service or removing cron job schedule which means chef-client will never run again unless run manually.

Coming from puppet background, I am looking for an alternative like "puppet agent --disable" which will keep the chef-client service/cron running but it will not alter any resource.

It is more likely forcing every chef-client run into --why-run mode. Very useful while during upgrades or application deployment. It will allow to make revision/version change in chef role/recipe and apply in set of nodes, otherwise chef-client service or cron has to stop/disable first and re-enabled later which is not a right approach.

I do not see any such option in chef-client binary.

Chef Server and Client version - 11.8.2.


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which is not a right approach.

Why would you say that? Stopping and starting a service was designed exactly for these kind of situations. Simply use (depending on your preferred way of managing services) service stop chef-client and then run service start chef-client again once you are ready to resume operations.

We use this very regularly, when we want to mess with some configurations on a server before applying them to the Chef scripts. This makes sure Chef doesn't run during our messing around and reverts our manual changes.

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Starting service will execute a chef run and any manual change will be reverted and new changes introduced to Chef will be applied. I am simply trying to put chef-client service or chef-client manual run in noop or --why-run mode so that i do not have to stop/start the services every time i am deploying new code to a group of nodes. This way i can simply tell chef-client not to perform any action, but keep running. Puppet has --disable mode which does exactly the same thing, it also prevented high load on puppet server when nodes starts at same time. –  tujwww May 14 '14 at 3:48
I still don't quite follow the use-case you are after. If you don't want manual changes to be reverted, then why start chef-client at that point anyway? As for --why-run mode, and "high load on server when nodes start at the same time", I suggest you look into both the --why-run and --splay flags which solve exactly these situations you described. –  JeanMertz May 19 '14 at 5:36
One instance where --disable is useful is when multiple people administer the machine. You can't accidentally re-enable service and you can differentiate between "the service never started/failed" and "some human deliberately disabled the service". –  Nathaniel Waisbrot Oct 7 '14 at 20:49

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