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I have code on aspx page :

<input id="imgBtnUpdate" type="image" src="../images/update_btn.gif" value="Update" onclick="javascript:showModalPopupUpdate();"/>

also Script is :

var popUpObj11;
    function showModalPopupUpdate() {

        popUpObj11 ="AddPopup.aspx?mode=Update",
        "toolbar=no," +
        "scrollbars=no," +
        "location=no," +
        "statusbar=no," +
        "menubar=no," +
        "resizable=no," +
        "width=450," +
        "height=190," +
        "left = 490," +

Ok? When i clicking the imgBtnUpdate Button. it showing me popup which is fine. but why it reloading the parent page on which the button consisting ? please guide me... tell me solution.

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Change your code as follows:

<input id="imgBtnUpdate" type="image" src="../images/update_btn.gif" value="Update" onclick="showModalPopupUpdate();return false;"/>

If the onclick event returns a false value, the browser will not execute the default action.

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Return false from the event to keep the button from posting the page:

onclick="showModalPopupUpdate();return false;"

Note: The javascript: protocol is only used when you put script in an URL. If you use it in an event it's interpreted as a label instead.

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INPUT type=image Element

Creates an image control that, when clicked, causes the form to be immediately submitted.

Try giving

return false;

at the end of the function.

Better use an anchor tag and embedded image for doing this instead of <input type="image" />

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