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I have an action, which should make some animations and during those animations, I want to push another view controller, but I want to keep animation running... My idea was do it using performSelectorInBackground:. So I run animation and than I call

[self performSelectorInBackground:@selector(BGPushVC:) withObject:sender];

Basicly it works, but there is problem, because the view controller push starts and after that, app crashes because of some stupid error, but when I call that function using classic [self BGPushVC:sender]; everything is OK. Can you please explain me why is it doing those errors and how can I solve this? Thanks so much!

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For any UI stuff you should be in the main thread and not in a background thread. Save using a background thread for any intensive work(e.g. image processing) or an asynchronous task(e.g. downloading stuff).

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