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I have a large amount of data in memcache, and currently i am troubling with How can i update value on memcache?

I have set value with multi-dimention array..

and now i have two cases here:

  1. I want to add new value in Memcache in same key
  2. I want to update some value of one particular array.

I know i can do that by get -> modify -> set


$data[]=array('id'=>134,'title'=>'My First Car','content'=>'I love my car');


In this example..user can change its title, content etc. so i need to update these information in memcache.

But getting data on every change which is more than 1MB, that will not be a good idea.

and I also learn about append but it says it only works for string values. that means i can not append Array to with existing key.

Is there any way to set/update data on existing key without getting data?

Please help..

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Just call $m->get the first time to populate $data, and don't call it again if you're just making updates:-

if (!count($data))

$data[]=array('id'=>134,'title'=>'My First Car','content'=>'I love my car');


If you make $data global then you can reference it from other functions

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thanks @joep1978.. i will try with global variable. but is there not any other way without calling $m->get? –  user3553297 Apr 27 '14 at 11:15
No, $m->get has to be called at least once or you will set foo to be an array containing just the most recent append –  joep1978 Apr 27 '14 at 11:25

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