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Is it possible to set up a NSTableView with e.g. 4 columns in IB to allow just one column to resize when the table grows?

So far I couldn't achieve this with neither Resizing: Autoresizes or decreasing content hugging value for the TableCellView in the column that should be the only one that grows when the table is resized.

Is there any way to convince a particular column - not just the last one - to just 'let go' and resize with its NSTableView..?

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In the xib, go to each column object and in the column object's attribute inspector set resizing to: None. Set resizing on the column you want to 'let go' to: Autoresizes with Table.

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Problem was I had 2 columns set to Autoresizes with... On only 1 column it works just fine. –  ATV May 2 at 15:43
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