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Currently, I am using AngularJS html4mode to extract URL parameters. I would like to change to using hashbang method because my routing got screwed up after enabling html4mode.

For extracting URL parameters using html4mode, the URL is

The configuration code for $locationProvider is as follows;

$locationProvider.html5Mode(true);  //configure $location

Inside the controller;

var url_param = ($location.search()).Venue;  

I failed when I tried to convert to hashbang. I am at a loss now

To convert to hashbang, how would the URL look like and what changes need to be made to the controller and configuration of $locationProvider?

Thank you very much for your help.

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if you turn off html5mode the URL:


if you want use hashbang URL (for SEO, Facebook or whatever) you should add the "!" prefix to your URL, with:


And your URL becomes:!/?Venue=XXX

the search method of $location should work, following the documentation

Move from html5Mode to hashbang (or vice versa) needs you to refactor the links in your app. To avoid this kind of situation I prefer using ui-router and modify links in terms of state transition (i.e. using ui-sref). In this way, it's ui-router that modify the URL with or without the hash for you

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Thanks for the answer. I made some slight modification to get the right answer which I have tested and confirmed on my side. See the edited URL. –  user3293156 Apr 27 at 14:48

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