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In Python I'm creating backend for my Android app. My code is too big so I broke it to 2 files with functions and one with shared classes (shared_classes.py) which inherit from messages.Message.

When I generate client library, all classes get prefixed with name of the python file I stored them in (they look like: SharedClassesExampleName.java).

Is it possible to force endpointscfg.py to stop generating library with prefixed python classes?

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customize the API method name with


and API class with

name = "appname"

your API will be accessible at


check details at https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/python/endpoints/getstarted/backend/write_api

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As described on this page (in step no. 4)

The "package=" line is used by the underlying ProtoRpc when creating names for the ProtoRPC messages you create. This package name will show up as a prefix to your message class names in the discovery doc and client libraries.

So you if you encourage this problem just add package=' ' (empty value) and your classes will not be prefixed.

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