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I need to update my Facebook Fan Page in a django app so I have this code:

import facebook
from django.conf import settings

def login_facebook():
    fb = facebook.Facebook(settings.FACEBOOK_API_KEY, settings.FACEBOOK_SECRET_KEY)
    fb.session_key = settings.FACEBOOK_SESSION
    fb.secret = settings.FACEBOOK_SECRET_KEY
    fb.uid = settings.FACEBOOK_UID
    return fb

def update_status(fb, message):

And I use this to run it with ipython:

import src.tests.scripts.facebook_publish_fanpage as f
fb = f.login_facebook()
f.update_status(fb, 'This is a test')

But I get this exception:

AttributeError: 'Facebook' object has no attribute 'stream'

I already gave permissions to the app following this 2 steps:

Publish post on Facebook page(1) and Authorizing a Facebook Fan Page for Status Updates(2)

But no matter what I try (being doing it a few hours now...) I can't publish to the page...

I'm lost now, any help?



PD: Sorry don't have permission to add the links yet, I'm mostly a reader in SO

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After searching for hours I finally found the solution... not to use stream methods but this:

fb(method='stream_publish', args={'session_key': settings.FACEBOOK_SESSION, 'uid':PAGE_ID, 'target_id': 'NULL', 'message':'MESSAGE_HERE'})

Found the solution at this blog post:

That works!!

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