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Is there a way to implement system like OS that allocates time for each process\thread with fibers? I mean like when I run a process and do an infinite loop inside it, the OS can still function normal on one core. (It switch context automatically without the process's permission or order)

I don't have internal functions that the fibers use that I can check the time and switch-context.

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Well, sure there is, the OS does it. Although doing it yourself in your own process without using the OS services is a bit hard.

There was an old book, called Born to Code in C by Herbert Schildt, that had a rudimentary multi-threading mechanism implemented in C and running in the same process.

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That looks like a lot of work, expected a function that switches context from a second thread. (Outside of the targeted thread) I'll wait a bit, thanks. –  KugBuBu Apr 27 at 12:28
The OS does that automatically for you. You don't switch between threads at all. If you want to switch between fibers - you need to specify the OS. –  zmbq Apr 27 at 12:35
I thought OS gave support to switch context from outside at least. (Searched before at Google but didn't found) –  KugBuBu Apr 27 at 12:43
You can't tell the OS to switch threads of any process. If your OS supports fibers, you can switch fibers - but only from within the process. –  zmbq Apr 27 at 12:47
That's what I am getting at, I can't switch context ordered from another thread? (Inside the same process) –  KugBuBu Apr 27 at 12:59

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