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I have these functions I use together for types and finalizers in my library...

    (define-foreign-type size ()
      ((garbage-collect  :reader garbage-collect :initform nil :initarg 
      (:actual-type :pointer)
      (:simple-parser size))

    (defclass cv-size ()
      ((c-pointer :reader c-pointer :initarg :c-pointer)))

    (defmethod translate-to-foreign ((lisp-value cv-size) (c-type size))
      (c-pointer lisp-value))

    (defmethod translate-from-foreign (c-pointer (c-type size))
      (let ((size (make-instance 'cv-size :c-pointer c-pointer)))
        (when (garbage-collect c-type)
          (tg:finalize size (lambda () (del-size c-pointer))))

...I have this function that is a wrapper for a C wrapper for the OpenCV class Size member Size::Size()...

    (defcfun ("cv_create_Size" size) size <--this return value is how I like it
      "Create SIZE construct")

When I create a size construct with this (size) and do a type-of on it like this (type-of (size))I get CV-SIZE as output How do I change the above translate-from-foreign, translate-to-foreign, define-foreign-type and defclass so the output of (type-of size) is just SIZE. Any time a user interfaces with the function by calling a type-of or by looking at the defcfun, I would like them to see only "size" as the parameter type and return type, not %size or cv-size or anything like that. It would make my defcfuns and my documentation look perfect to have them that way. The translate-from-foreign, translate-to-foreign, define-foreign-type and defclass can look anyway necessary to make that happen. Thanks in advance for any help.

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