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I've implemented client-side geocoding according the the official documentation:


It works all fine, however, there's one shortcoming: The results are always in one language, the language requested by use of the language param.

What I need is the locality translated in several languages, namely the languages our website is available in. Here's an example: The search for "Geneva" yields a result locality depending on the language param:

  • en: Geneva
  • de: Genf
  • fr: Genève

Is there a way to get all three translations with only one API call or do I have to fetch the translations separately?

Thanks for your hints!

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You can do this only with separate calls, because you can't set multiple languages to the request query.

But why you need all supported languages at once? If the user selected one language it should be just fine to use this one through the session or till another language is choosen.

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The locality is used for tagging and I have to translate the tags in all of the three available locales. –  svoop Apr 28 at 7:28
Well, than you have to make 3 calls. Or you translate the city names with a Translator API like Google Translate or Bing Translation. –  Steve Benett Apr 28 at 8:45

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