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Note: before voting to close "not real question" -- the question is: What are the common interactive visualization design patterns?


I have this gigantic real time simulation. I'm working on interactive visualization tools to monitor the simulation. I'm familiar with OpenGL but not used to writing HCI / visualization type code. So I'm curious: what books/articles should I be reading?

I'm looking for the "The C Programming Language / SICP / Design Patterns" type of equivament resource for writing interactive visualizations. "Interactive" is important -- I don't want to just generate pretty pictures; I want to generate pretty pictures and be able to interact & probe the visualization.


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I'm afraid I can't recommend any books, but something you may be interested in that I have used is the RealityGrid steering framework: http://www.rcs.manchester.ac.uk/research/realitygrid http://code.google.com/p/computational-steering/ We use this for real time visualization of fluid dynamic simulations.

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