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I do not really understand the difference between using if __name__ == '__main__' and just making file executable. I need to make sure that the same file will run both on Linux and Windows. I am working on Linux. I tried to use if __name__ == '__main__ for this but it does not work. Can anyone advise how to make code work on both Linux and Windows.

Structure of my project:

-test(project) -test(folder-python package) -static dir -templates dir

Here is code:

from flask import Flask
application = Flask(__name__)

import view

from test import application

and then from terminal I run

path/to/file/ ./

It works perfect on Linux. But I need to give this code to people who might use it on Windows. So to make sure it will work, I tried to do this:

I created file inside package:

 -test(folder-python package)
   -static dir
   -templates dir

Took away all code from and and put in this code:

from flask import Flask

application = Flask(__name__)#instance of WSGI application

import view

if __name__ == '__main__':

After this tried to run it from terminal:

path/to/file python

but got ImportError: No module named flask

Obviously I am doing something wrong or dont understand how to use if __name__=='__main__'

I will really appreciate advice on how to make file executable on Linux and Windows simultaneously.

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You don't have installed flask at a place, where python looks for it. This has nothing to do with the name-main-thing.

With if __name__=='__main__' you can use python-files as modules and as main-application files. It allows you to import the file for testing or for reusing functions and classes.

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right now flask is installed at python/dist-packages and this path is added to project as external library(I am using eclipse) – Julia Apr 27 '14 at 16:34
and in case flask is installed not at place where python looks for it, why it works just fine when I use executable ? – Julia Apr 27 '14 at 16:40
so when you start it from terminal, it doesn't know anything of your eclipse project. You have also put the path in the PYTHONPATH-environment variable. – Daniel Apr 27 '14 at 16:44
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I found the answer on my question.

I left everything as it was (with, and tried it on Windows.The only difference in running code on Linux and Windows is:

from test import application

on Linux make fiel executable with chmod +x

and then in terminal: path/to/file ./

on Windows in cmd: path/to/file python

It works just fine on both OS. Thanks to everyone.

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