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I would like to create a plot from two values:

results<-data.frame(name=c("A","B"), values=c("0.8639503","0.7870299"))
qplot(name, data=results, geom="bar")

This gives me a plot, where the difference between the two bars is invisible. Can someone help how to create this plot so that the differences are visible?

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can someone explain to me the point of re-editing the title with a typo? –  baptiste Apr 27 at 16:54
@baptiste what you mean? –  Paulo Cardoso Apr 27 at 17:00
@PauloCardoso I don't know any Rome. With R, anything is possible. –  baptiste Apr 27 at 17:06

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ggplot(results, aes(x=name, y=values)) +

will give you the desired result

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