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I'm looking for the best way to ensure my relationship cardinality rules are applied in my graph, and I haven't found a general mechanism to ensure/enforce it in Neo4j/Cypher.

My example begins with a graph as follows:

  (x:Type1)-[r:RelType]->(y:Type2 {id:1})

And I want to transform it to the following (where N is the id value of any :Type2 node, supplied as a query parameter):

  (x:Type1)-[:RelType]->(:Type2 {id:N})

After the transformation, x must have exactly one instance of :RelType, and it must relate to the :Type2 node with an id equal to the N parameter. In addition, if N refers to node y (i.e. N=1), r must remain unaltered.

This latter condition eliminates the simplistic approach of always deleting any existing relationship that matches the criteria and creating a new one, and the query also needs to handle the case where no :RelType relation exists at all to begin with. The best I can come up with so far is the following:

  match (x:Type1)
    optional match (x)-[r:RelType]->(y:Type2)
    where y.id <> N delete r
  with x
  merge (x)-[:RelType]->(:Type2 {id:N})

Is there a more elegant ways of achieving the same result, or any relationship cardinality mechanism in Neo4j/Cypher that I could use to do some of the work for me?

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