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This is second time I've actually spotted this problem with VS 2008 TS with TFS addon installed on top.

The problem is that at some point, when you actively work with Shelve/Unshelve changes from TFS, the Shelve changes window (when you hit "Shelve" button) hangs and hangs whole VS.

After that, if you restart studio, the Shelve/Unshelve window just stops working. Any attempt to call for Shelve/Unshelve window hangs Studio completely.

Therefore, Shelving becomes unusable, but I really rely on this feature.

Anyone spotted this problem in practice? Any suggestion on fixing it? (I've trying to reinstall VS and TFS completely right now and in addition cleaning registry for VS)


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Problem fixed by taking a search in AppData folder of Windows for TFS cache entries. Deleting TFS cache (which look like to be corrupted) helps in resolving this problem.

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Worked great for me too. – kjv Nov 23 '10 at 17:25

This can happen if TFS dialogs appear off-screen. If pressing Esc "unfreezes" visual studio, this might be your problem.

I found the fix at:

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Awesome find Korey! Thanks. I were not able to verify this is the case, since I'm not using this functionality anymore. – Igor Malin Mar 16 '13 at 7:22

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