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I am installing phpdocumentor on Centos/Apache. I ran the following, and all seemed to work:

pear channel-discover pear.phpdoc.org
pear install phpdoc/phpdocumentor
pear config-set data_dir /var/www/html/pear

When going to http://mydomain.com/pear/phpDocumentor/, I see the following, but nothing I can run in a browser.

Index of /pear/phpDocumentor
[ICO]   Name    Last modified   Size    Description
[DIR]   Parent Directory        -    
[ ] CHANGELOG.md    27-Apr-2014 10:30   17K  
[TXT]   CONTRIBUTING.md 27-Apr-2014 10:30   3.9K     
[ ] Vagrantfile 27-Apr-2014 10:30   643      
[ ] box.json    27-Apr-2014 10:30   4.6K     
[ ] box.phar    27-Apr-2014 10:30   877K     
[ ] composer.json   27-Apr-2014 10:30   2.7K     
[TXT]   composer.lock   27-Apr-2014 10:30   119K     
[DIR]   features/   27-Apr-2014 10:30   -    
[ ] phpmd.xml.dist  27-Apr-2014 10:30   639      
[DIR]   vendor/ 27-Apr-2014 10:30   -   

http://manual.phpdoc.org/HTMLSmartyConverter/HandS/phpDocumentor/tutorial_phpDocumentor.howto.pkg.html#using.config-files describes the following:

There are two configuration files included in the distribution of phpDocumentor, and both are in the user/ subdirectory. ... The best way to ensure your config file matches the format expected by phpDocumentor is to copy the default.ini config file, and modify it to match your needs. Lines that begin with a semi-colon (;) are ignored, and can be used for comments.

I've searched by server using find / -name default.ini, and there is not a file of this name.

Where should phpdoc's default.ini be located?

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data_dir is a system wide directory that PEAR apps can use to store their internal data. It isn't intended for end user output. –  Álvaro G. Vicario Apr 28 at 11:13

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You're mixing up phdoc2 and the phpdocumentor 1 manual.

phpdoc2's manual is at http://phpdoc.org/docs/latest/index.html

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I think you are right! Wow, didn't expect that. How did you know there were two manuals? –  user1032531 Apr 28 at 12:00
Because I know phpdoc since 10 years :) –  cweiske Apr 29 at 4:19

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