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this is code which i use to make image.

Bitmap bitmap;
bitmap.CreateBitmap(715, 844,1,1, NULL);

CDC memDC;

CString SS="Sun Goes Down";

        CImage image;
        image.Save(_T("C:\\test.bmp"), Gdiplus::ImageFormatJPEG);

and all is ok , now all i want is to send that image to print...

i use

    DWORD pcchBuffer=100;

  char * pszBuffer=new char[100];


again all is ok.

to get defaulet printername , for print i know WritePrinter function, but that fonction gives argumens LPVOID buffer to print , how can i send my image to print? Many many Thanks!

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This looks like Windows code, but since the answer is going to be OS-specific you should probably mention what OS you are targeting. –  Paul R Feb 25 '10 at 9:29

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Instead of making the image, saving it, then printing it, you should:

Look for all the detailed steps on MSDN.

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ok , thanks! that's right, but problem is - i want and image and print , is possble to create new CDC for print as described and do all DRAWING as it do for image ? (DRAWING is large code , and i do not want to do it and for print and for image) . please if you can , help me! –  Armen Khachatryan Feb 25 '10 at 11:42
You could first perform all the complex image drawing into a DC of a bitmap (as in your question), then save it, open a DC for the printer, and draw the bitmap in the DC of the printer. That way, you will only have to do the complex drawing once. –  Patrick Feb 25 '10 at 13:20

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