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I am having a very strange problem. I am having a Debian machinem, once in a while the index.php file of my phpMyAdmin disappearing, and I need to reinstall / copy it back. I don't know what causes this weird behavior. and I thought that maybe someone had hacked to my machine, so I had tightened my iptables rules. and set the permission on the index.php file to read only for user,group,and everyone.

And still it been deleted today. I don't know what to do, I had googled to see if this might happend because of bug of any kind, or software update. but couldn't find any hints.

So here is my question:
1. does anyone encountered such behavior?
2. if someone hacked into my server how can I find it? (there is no unknown login in my logs, and I had checked all the IP's of the logins seems to be a valid known my IP's)
3. how can I find out what is deleting or causing this?

Thanks in advance,

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Debian does update apt with security fixes as a cron-job if not turned off. This may move files to "default" positions. –  Michael Tomkins Aug 10 at 10:17

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it seems my machine was hacked, so I had just created a new machine with tighter security and this never occurred again up to now.

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