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My site, an ASP.NET MVC app is behind a reverse proxy that dispatched requests to mysite.com/subdirectory/anything where subdirectory is added by the proxy for some identification purposes. I've set up a rewrite rule on the website with the IIS URL Rewrite module to rewrite /subdirectory/anything to /anything to cancel out the effect.

This works but now links on my site are broken because instead of /anything now they point to /subdirectory/anything, although HttpContext.Current.Request.Url correctly contains /anything. This is because ASP.NET MVC HTML helpers rely on Request.RawUrl that really contains the raw - not rewritten - URL, i.e. /subdirectory/anything. This is the desired effect in the case where the site faces the outside (as RawUrl is what the user actually sees) but not in this special case.

Since RawUrl can't be changed is there a way to fix links without changing the app (the majority of code building links is out of my reach to modify) and without using output rewriting to reverse the effect?

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