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I am using a framework to get information from the network. The problem is the function I'm using to get the information is threaded (ie. it gives information through a didFinish selector, not the actual function as the return value).

I want to create a separate NSThread that uses this threaded function. The problem is if I detach a thread, it won't wait for the information from this threaded function (and it doesn't know when the information is sent back).

Is there a way to fix this situation? In a nutshell, I want to turn an asynchronous function into a synchronous function.

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You'll want to read up on NSRunLoop and the Threading Programming Guide

I think the basic approach will be something like this:

  • In your detached thread main body
    • set yourself as a custom input source to the runloop
    • while your state is not done, run the runloop
  • In didFinish:
    • set some state that says you're done
    • tell the runloop that the input source (yourself) fired
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