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I am trying to get POST data from the page to which browser is about to navigate, do some processing and repost/redirect it.

private void webBrowser_Navigating(object sender, Gecko.Events.GeckoNavigatingEventArgs e)
//how get POST data ??

GeckoNavigatingEventArgs have no POST data property

 public class GeckoNavigatingEventArgs : CancelEventArgs
        public readonly GeckoWindow DomWindow;
        public readonly bool DomWindowTopLevel;
        public readonly Uri Uri;

        public GeckoNavigatingEventArgs(Uri value, GeckoWindow domWind);

I used in the past csEXWB control which has 'public object postdata;' in his BeforeNavigate2EventArgs

Unfortunately csEXWB is getting too old and is not an option to be used.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: I found how

Gecko.DOM.GeckoInputElement element = (Gecko.DOM.GeckoInputElement)this.geckoBrowser.Document.GetHtmlElementById("amount");
            string amount = element.DefaultValue;
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