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I have a homework to build on paper a parameter marshaling protocol to be suited to call a method with one variable, or with an array (like a polymorphism).


How would you define the protocol? How about the method in C++

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If its homework, shouldn't you be doing it yourself? At the very least, you should come up with a tentative solution and then ask here for advice on specific points. –  anon Feb 25 '10 at 9:59

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You could try to make the functions with Object parameters. i.e

void myFunction(void* param, int paramType) { if(paramType == definedTypes[0] ) { // do stuff } else if(paramType == definedTypes[1]) { //do something else } }

you pass 2 parameters: in the first your object, in the second the type of your object, you have to define for example in an array what types of data are you interested in.

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