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I'm reading Learning Pearl (6e) and in the section about regexes I came across this particular example: /\s(\[a-zA-Z]+),/. What does the backslash before the open square bracket do?

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this is a typo. –  Casimir et Hippolyte Apr 28 at 1:51

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Taken at face value, the \[ means that the regex as a whole is looking for a space character, a literal open square bracket (that's the \[ part), the letters and dashes a-zA-Z in sequence followed by one or more close square brackets and a comma, where the material in square brackets is remembered. With a space in front the lines, it would match both these:


On the other hand, the backslash before the [ is probably just a typo and should be deleted. Then the regex looks for a space, followed by one or more alphabetic characters and a comma, capturing the 'word'. With a space in front of the lines, it would match both these.


'Space' should be interpreted as 'white space as recognized by \s', meaning blank, tab, etc.

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The face value interpretation wouldn't make sense with what they're explaining in that section so I'll go with typo. –  Tyler Apr 28 at 2:04
I think typo is the more likely explanation. You might consider checking the errata page at O'Reilly and seeing whether it is known, and if not, consider reporting it. –  Jonathan Leffler Apr 28 at 2:05

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