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I have a local repo with a few files in them, when i press commit in sourcetree, you're taken to a window where you are shown all the changes you have made since the last commit.

I see those changes for all files except one- window_handler.cpp. The file is around 64kb, and it is listed along with all the files, with an icon showing that some changes were made to it. enter image description here

In the list you can see, by the yellow icon, that the file was modified, but in the region where the diff is shown comparing your changes with the previous file, i see 'Unmodified file'

If i check any other file, i see the diff. But i don't see diff for window_handler.cpp

I tried hg status I saw M Window_handler.cpp

But When I tried hg diff -g I didnt see the file name in that list.

I am relatively new to sourcetree.

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Open a cmd prompt at the root of your repo and issue a hg status. Do you see the file with a M in front? –  Vince Apr 28 at 3:55
@Vince, yes i do see M before the file. So, hg detects that the file is modified. The problem could be with SourceTree –  2am Apr 28 at 4:13
I tried hg diff -g on cmd, i didnt see the file window_handler.cpp, but i saw M before the file when i did hg status –  2am Apr 28 at 4:15
I just saw that you are ignoring whitespaces. What happens when you uncheck the option? –  Vince Apr 28 at 4:19
No change. :) i have tried that before as well. Also, i have modified quite a few lines in the window_handler. –  2am Apr 28 at 4:21

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