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I have a rather simple problem here:

I customized my x-axis, but somehow the y-axis is completely gone. How can I bring it back?

    plot(x = zoo.vol,ylab = "Volatility", main = "my title", at=times, format="%Y",col = tsRainbow,screens = 1,axt="n")

My zoo.vol looks like this:

structure(c(0.0151487553475412, 0.0145973941978265, 0.0147267840693453, 
            0.0160134529429522, 0.0154340940175316, 0.0148705095898274, 0.0144180796103523, 
            0.0156263569934272, 0.0150973775246807, 0.0158179328705817, 0.0124984401178442, 
            0.0118049612119821, 0.0118113562642818, 0.0116271323991807, 0.0110968729656786, 
            0.0106359654383497, 0.0134419598568456, 0.0126830764652812, 0.0121315673959188, 
            0.0127575642807472, 0.0100602793776595, 0.00965703285524349, 
            0.00946107070266373, 0.00966515004638001, 0.00987951140648287, 
            0.0095523581423164, 0.0108939716700509, 0.010706535594705, 0.0102804827502289, 
            0.0112660905807839), .Dim = c(10L, 3L), .Dimnames = list(NULL, 
                                                                     c("A", "B", "C")), index = structure(c(10595, 10596, 10597, 
                                                                                                            10598, 10599, 10602, 10603, 10604, 10605, 10606), class = "Date"), class = "zoo")

So there are three charts on one graph.

Thank you in advance.

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A dput(zoo.vol) (and possibly more than a head amount would be helpful. I'm also not sure what you mean by "completely gone" (can you post an image? If SO won't let you post an image, just post the URL and someone will, no doubt, make the graph visible). –  hrbrmstr Apr 28 at 3:55
data provided. There is ticks/unit on the y-axis. It's just blank. If you run the data, I think you'll know what I mean. Thanks. –  lulumink Apr 28 at 4:07
You haven't provided tsRainbow, but regardless, none of at, format, nor axt are arguments to plot.zoo, as indicated by the warnings that your code returns. –  jbaums Apr 28 at 4:30
I know, but it somehow worked. It's not really right. How can I customize the x-axis the way I did and also keep the y-axis marks? tsRainbow is just color param. it's not important in this regards. thank you. –  lulumink Apr 28 at 4:33
Try plot(zoo.vol, ylab = "Volatility", main = "my title", at=times, format="%Y",col = tsRainbow,screens = 1,axt="n") –  hd1 Apr 28 at 4:50
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