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I am using Spring Tool Suite Version: 3.5.0.RELEASE Build Id: 201404011851, which is based on Eclipse.

The auto-correct works great, but it is annoying on some cases. The worst case is when I type "new" followed by a space and STS replaces with "newEmail".

I do know how to turn the auto-correction off, but what I really want is to just remove the new->newEmail entry from the list.

Thank you

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Have you tried reinstalling STS ? –  Kyllopardiun May 26 at 22:34
This is not the kind of behaviour that is affected by restart. I have, however, restarted STS many times since, and the behaviour didn't change. –  Alexandre Santos May 26 at 22:36
reinstalling != restart –  Kyllopardiun May 26 at 22:37
why would I need to reinstall? STS is working as expected, I just want to change the way it works. –  Alexandre Santos May 26 at 22:38
Since editing the Eclipse/STS dictionary is undocumented, and you are having an undesired behavior, one could argue that reinstalling would do reset to the default one which doesn't have this. Or you could check in Prefereces -> Editors -> Text Editors -> Spelling and remove a user dictionary that might be faulty. –  Kyllopardiun May 26 at 22:53

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Maybe there is a Java code template that's being inserted. In Preferences, look in Java > Editor > Templates to see if there is something that looks like the culprit. You can edit those templates and remove the option to auto insert.

Also under Java > Editor > Content Assist > Advanced you can disable entire groups of proposals, if this is one that is coming from a group that you can identify.

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Content Assist didn't do it, and the options "Bindings" it was just for keyboard shortcuts. Sorry. –  Alexandre Santos May 27 at 15:20

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