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I am running a zero inflated regression model function for a 498,501 rows dataframe on a 32gb linux machine with a 2.6GHz CPU. I used the following command

zeroinfl(response ~ predictor1 + predictor2, data=dataframe, dist = "negbin", EM = TRUE)

R has now been computing for more that 48 hours now with no warning or error message.

I am a bit puzzled since a traditional lm() on the same data delivers almost instantaneously. Should I suspect some problem with my command? Or is it just a very slow function?

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First, see how much memory is being used. If it's started to swap it may take a very long time to finish. Second, try running on a small subset of the data and gradually increasing it to get an idea of execution time. I suspect the EM algorithm could be rather slow. –  James King Apr 28 '14 at 4:15

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