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i am a newbie to JSf and Tomahawk Technology. In application i am having a datatable, i want store the information from he data table into a PDF format on a click of a button using Tomahawk and SandBox.Kindly Help.

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Even better, use JasperReports. It uses iText behind the scene to export reports to PDF.

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You may need iText for this.
Also see this -

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As you have mentioned you are using sandbox, use exporterActionListener component in the sandbox to export the data from data tabel into PDF. You need the itext-0.99.jar use the same version

Code sample

<!-- sandbox tag library declaration -->
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="s"%>
   .  <!-- your data Tabel will be here -->

<h:commandButton value="Export as pdf">
     <s:exporterActionListener for="Id of the Data Tabel" fileType="PDF" />
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