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There is a certain class hierarchy and I would like to have another hierarchy having a class corresponding to every class in the former hierarchy. Note that the structure of the second hierarchy isn't as neat or as similar as the original hierarchy.

As an illustration, I have a Game hierarchy that has different games like CricketGame, TestCricketGame, BasketBallGame etc., and there must exist a CricketGamesContainer, TestCricketGamesContainer and BasketBallGamesContainer in the other hierarchy. Is there a way of ensuring that for every class in the Game hierarchy the programmer is forced to write a class in the Container hierarchy? That is, say, the code doesn't compile otherwise.

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Sounds quite unlikely that you could make the compiler enforce this.. For clarity, are you doing this in java or c++? Or do you not care as long as it is possible using one of them? –  Illidanek May 1 at 11:56
As I've stated in the question heading, it's in C++ :) And we will have to stick to that. –  Enigman May 1 at 18:07
If at all possible, avoid the parallel hierarchies altogether, as outlined in this question. –  Mazyod Sep 4 at 13:09

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