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I have a haskell program that produces a text file, which is then read by R. My current solution is working, but I am asking if there is a better solution and whether it is worth changing the current approach.

Currently my haskell program produces the following output (simplified example):

mylist <- list(
, list(c("b"),c("b","T"),c("b","N"),c("b","E"),c("b","E","T"),c("b","N","T"),c("b","N","E"),c("b","N","E","T"))
, list(c("b","N"),c("b","E","N"),c("b","N","T"),c("b","E","N","T"))
myListNames <- c("Name1","Name2","Name3")

This output is saved to a text file that is simply sourced from within R. I then access the two variables mylist and myListNames.

The data: I am generating 9 text files. List entries represent a feature, there are at maximum 120 different features and the name can be 20 characters long. Please note that features have nothing to do with statistics. In the dummy example b would be in the real world example 20 character long. Each sublist is about 5 to 45 elements long, but an outlier might have 500.000 list entries.

The current approach works reasonably well. But is there another way to store a list of lists as a text file that might be better suited?

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you can output it to JSON which would be more versatile. However, if this your goal is simply to get the data into R, then what is wrong with your current approach? Is there anything it is not doing that you would like it to do? – Ricardo Saporta Apr 28 '14 at 5:58
yaml is a nice format for this - you can import it using the package with same name – cafe876 Apr 28 '14 at 6:09

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I used the approach that was suggested by Ricardo Saporta. It worked like a charm and I used the R library RJSONIO for JSON parsing in R.

Many thanks to Ricardo Saporta!

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