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I have a subclass of NSViewController conforming to NSTextViewDelegate protocol and whose view is a subclass of NSView (obviously). I have an NSTextField text box on the nib and my subclass of NSViewController was its delegate. When I try to type in the text box it was throwing EXC_BAD_ACCESS, but when I removed the delegate link then I could type just fine. I wasn't handling any events yet, I just had the link. I've poked around similar threads but I think I'm still to n00bish to understanding how to work their solutions into my specific problem. I will need to have a delegate for my textview. How can I fix this?

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NSViewController with iOS tag, remove iOS tag and use cocoa tag –  Himanshu Joshi Apr 28 at 6:08
Are you using any delegates function of NSTextField? –  Himanshu Joshi Apr 28 at 6:11
I wasn't at first, but when I did try to use controlTextDidChange the same thing happened. –  user2320861 Apr 28 at 14:02
Did u connect delegate of the nstextfield outlet to files owner? –  Himanshu Joshi Apr 28 at 15:34
EXC_BAD_ACCESS is mainly due to bad memory handling. Have u used any property which retain counts increases. –  Himanshu Joshi Apr 28 at 16:06

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Victory is mine!

This was the issue, in the best way I know how to describe it:

In my AppDelegate.m file I would instantiate myCustomViewController and add its view as a subview to the main view of my window, like such:

myCustomViewController *myCustomVC = [[myCustomViewController alloc] initWithNibName...];
[self.view addSubview:myCustomVC.view];

but I wasn't retaining myCustomViewController so when the method containing this code returned myCustomVC was cleaned up. Later, when I went to type in the textBox associated with myCustomVC's subview, it was sending the delegate message to the memory address of myCustomVC which had since been deallocated.

The solution was to drop a ViewController object into my main xib and hook it to a corresponding property on file's owner.

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