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In Qt Designer, the QDateTimeEdit has the option for a calendar view. By setting the display format, I am able to only display month/year. However, when the user clicks on the view, it automatically makes a daily calendar show up. Is there a way to make it so only a month/year calendar is displayed?

To visually explain, the Windows calendar has the same initial view as the Qt calendar, but when I click the year, it switches to a month view:

enter image description here enter image description here

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I think that's a windows calendar's behavior, your should try using another Look n' Feel and check if it pleased you. Also, What do you want exactly? Do you want perhaps a spinbox with the years? –  xndrme Apr 28 at 12:58
I want the second view, where the user clicks on the month. I dont want to see days at all –  user1938107 Apr 28 at 13:34

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I suggest you to use the QDateEdit widget, setting its displayFormat attribute to MM/yyyy and currentSection to QDateTimeEdit.MonthSection for instance.

Note that you can ask this widget to display a calendar when editing the value (self.setCalendarPopup(True)). By definition the calendar will display days, months and years.

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