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EDIT: It appears that uploading a file without wordpress at all works perfectly. It's only through wordpress that it won't upload!

Here's the code that works:

if ( $_SERVER[ "REQUEST_METHOD" ] === "POST" )
    foreach ( $_FILES as $file )
        //This is never called
        if ( $file[ "error" ] !== 0 ) throw new Exception( "Error: " . $file[ "name" ] );

    $index = 0;
    while ( file_exists( "/var/www/wp-content/uploads/" . $index . $file[ "name" ] ) ) $index++;
    $name = "/var/www/wp-content/uploads/" . $index . $file[ "name" ];
    move_uploaded_file( $file[ "tmp_name" ], $name );

How would I diagnose why Wordpress is killing my upload attempts?


I have some code that uploads a file. I've tried both wp_handle_upload as well as regular PHP code and with both, it will save a few files and then just stop working. I can still upload that file with the media uploader but not with code once it stops working!

What could be wrong?

$uploadedFile = wp_handle_upload( $_FILE[ "thefile" ], array( "test_form" => false ) );

//It makes it past this
if ( !$this->isUploaded( $uploadedFile ) ) return false;

$filePath = $uploadedFile[ "file" ];
$fileType = wp_check_filetype( basename( $filePath ) );

$attachmentInfo = array(
    "post_mime_type" => $fileType[ "type" ],
    "post_title" => $title,
    "post_status" => "inherit",
    "post_content" => ""

$attachmentId = wp_insert_attachment( $attachmentInfo, $filePath, $postId );
if ( $attachmentId === 0 ) return false;
$attachmentData = wp_generate_attachment_metadata( $attachmentId, $filePath );
if ( wp_update_attachment_metadata( $attachmentId, $attachmentData ) === false ) return false;

return true;

EDIT: MORE INFO: It appears to be clearing out the $_FILES array before my code gets it in "save_post"! I did the following checks:

  1. In Javascript, I put an onsubmit action onto the form and it shows it's the correct enctyp, method of "post" and that the file input is there and has the value "myfile.jpg".

  2. On the server side I have two hooks: wp_insert_post_data and save_post. both show $_FILES to have NO file data!

How is this possible? What code would be grabbing that first and clearing it out?

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