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As a minimal working example,

# An app with a datatable whose pagination option we can toggle with a button
    ui = basicPage(
        actionButton("button", label = "Toggle paginate"),
    server = function(input, output) {
        output$table <- renderDataTable(
            data.frame(x = 1:100, y = input$button),   # Some dummy data
            options = list(
                bPaginate = as.logical(input$button %% 2)

The corresponding browser output:

enter image description here

I should be able to dynamically switch the option bPaginate on and off just by clicking the "Toggle paginate" button.

However, this does not work - the table is never paginated. What's going wrong?

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You can use a function to return the DataTable options, e.g.

options = function() {
    bPaginate = as.logical(input$button %% 2)

Note this requires shiny >= 0.9.0.

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