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I recently made changes to a legacy application and hit the error Unable to case object of type 'SingleResult' 1[SomeClass] to 'System.Data.Linq.ISingleResult' 1[SomeType]'.

Whilst the cause of this is obvious and fixing is simple I wonder, why doesn't the compiler pick this up as it would with any other generic type? Is there some option to enable compile time type checking for Linq?

NB: I come from a c# background but this application is VB.Net; so perhaps it's something unique to that language as opposed to Linq.

Example of offending code:

Dim dc As New appDataContext
Dim resultList As List(Of SomeType)()
Dim linqResults As System.Data.Linq.ISingleResult(Of SomeType) = dc.SomeStoredProc(aParameter, anotherParameter)

Dim qey = From r In linqResults.AsEnumerable() Order By r.DateCreated Descending Select r
resultList = qey.ToList()
If (resultList.Count > 0) Then
    Dim firstImage As SomeType = resultList(0)
End If

NB: I've now amended the above to use Option Infer On and haven't specified types wherever possible, which seems to avoid this issue and means the few cases where a type does need to be explicitly declared, the compiler does do type checking as expected. As such, I suspect the above is a bug (though please say if otherwise).

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