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I am using the javascript file api to read a file and I want to get its type out. I am mainly using it to upload audio and video files. However when i upload amr, 3gp, and aac audio files, javascript can't figure out the filetype. I need to know the filetypes for the different audio formats as I use the files differently depending on the format. Is there anyway for me to figure out the format for the above mentioned files? I have supplied the code I use below.

var f = this.files[0];
var fr = new FileReader();

        fr.onload = function (ev2) {
            //$('#image').attr('src', ev2.target.result);
            //extra[extra.length] = ev2.target.result;

            extra[extra.length] = ev2.target.result;

            var splitted = ev2.target.result.split(','); //get the type
            fileType[fileType.length] = splitted[0];
            console.log("splitted[0]: "+splitted[0]);
            console.log("f.type: "+f.type);




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Why not split the filename on "." and get the last field (the exstension)? –  Nk SP Apr 28 at 7:43
I would do that, but the powers that be have asked me not to saying that its unreliable, as its easy to change the extension for a given file. –  Sajith Dilshan Jamal Apr 28 at 7:51

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Try this code:
JSFiddle Example

var file = fileInput.files[0];
var textType = /text.*/;
if (file.type.match(textType)) {
  var reader = new FileReader();

  reader.onload = function(e) {
    //onload code

} else {
  alert( "File not supported!");

or also this code:

    var file = $("#inputFile")[0].files;        
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I cannot un-support the file, all audio files must be read(supported) and their type( amr, acc, etc) taken out, so that depending on different audio types i can do different functions, in the case of this code even if i change the texttype to 'audio.*', the above mentioned audio types become unsupported –  Sajith Dilshan Jamal Apr 28 at 8:12
In the second case the type gets printed as an empty '' –  Sajith Dilshan Jamal Apr 28 at 8:15
@SajithDilshanJamal with which type of file did you try? –  Nk SP Apr 28 at 8:18
audio files with the formats: amr, acc, and 3gp, try 'amr' type first if you are planning to test,as thats what I am trying to get working the most –  Sajith Dilshan Jamal Apr 28 at 8:20
@SajithDilshanJamal try this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/11832930/… –  Nk SP Apr 28 at 8:24

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