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I'm making a query using POCO::Data with ODBC Connector, and I need to check for NULL values from code. In the documentation, the Recordset object is supposed to have the function isNull, but the code I download here does not contains such a method (version 1.4.6p4 right now).

How can I check then if a value is NULL with POCO library? I'm trying to create a JSON string with the data retrieved from database.

My actual code looks like this:

Session session(bdName, conn);
Statement select(session);  

select << sSQL;  

RecordSet rs(select);
bool more = rs.moveFirst();
std::size_t cols = rs.columnCount();

sResult = "{\"rowsField\":[";

while (more) {
    if (sResult.back() != '[') sResult += ','; // Not first time
    sResult += "{\"columnsField\":[";

    for (std::size_t col = 0; col < cols; ++col) {
        std::string cName = rs.columnName (col);
        std::string tName = getPocoTypeName(rs.columnType(col));
        std::string val = "";

        if (!rs[col] || rs.value(col).isEmpty()) 
            val = "NULL"; // DOES NOT WORK
            val = rs[col].convert<std::string>();

        if (col != 0) sResult += ',';
        sResult += "\n{\"nameField\":\"" + cName + '\"';
        sResult += ",\"typeField\":\"" + tName + '\"';
        sResult += ",\"valueField\":\"" + val + '\"';

        sResult += "}"; // each JSON column/value
    sResult += "]}\n"; // columnsField (one per row)

    more = rs.moveNext();
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1 Answer 1

Use Nullable<std::string> val = std::string("");

isNull is a member of Nullable, so you will be able to check if the return value is null..

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