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I am trying to use beautifulsoup html parser to parse some texts within and outiside tags, but I get strange formatting especially with words outside any of the tags. THe texts are inside a dictionary and looks like this:

([('<tag1>London</tag1>in<tag2>UK</tag2>', 'Locations')])

 for key, value in s.iteritems():
     soup = BeautifulSoup(key, 'html.parser')
     print soup.text


but I noticed that if I introduce a space before and after in, for example
<tag1>London</tag1> in <tag2>UK</tag2>, Locations it parses it correctly London in UK How can I rectify this, instead of having to manually add space in between words outside tags?

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Try this:

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup

for key, value in s.iteritems():
    soup = BeautifulSoup(key)
    print soup.getText(' ')

Adding execution:

>>> s = '<tag1>London</tag1> in <tag2>UK</tag2>'
>>> soup = BeautifulSoup(s)
>>> soup.getText(' ')
u'London in UK'
>>> s = '<tag1>London</tag1>in<tag2>UK</tag2>'
>>> soup = BeautifulSoup(s)
>>> soup.getText(' ')
u'London in UK'

Where does it add spaces?

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but its also adding an extra space..I got London in UK –  DevEx Apr 28 at 8:35
@DevEx, if you look at the BeautifulSoup source code, you'll see that tag.text is a @property that calls tag.getText(''). The argument to tag.getText is the white-space replacement string, so calling tag.text by default, gives you no spaces between text. Look more closely at the answer. –  dilbert Apr 29 at 5:21
@user3432110 I'm getting extra spaces where there are spaces inside the elements of the tags e.g. ´s = <tag1>London </tag1>´ How can I strip off spaces inside the elements of tags i.e.´<tag1>London </tag1>´ becomes ´<tag1>London</tag1>´ ? –  DevEx May 2 at 23:11
U want the entire tag with space stripped or the content of the tags? –  user3432110 May 6 at 8:09

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