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I have a ListView control that hold a number of items. This ListView control sits inside a background worker that continually updates, clearing the listview and re-populating with 'pretty much' the same data (may have changed slightly, but the number of row always remain the same).

I am trying to work out how I can get the selected item (ListView.MultiSelect = False) before the ListView is cleared, then do the refresh and then reselect the ListView item that was previously selected.

As soon as I make any reference to a SelectedIndicies(0) call or SelectedItems(0) call I'm getting bombarded with Cross Threading errors.

I have the following code thus far:

    Private Sub LoadStoreData()
        Dim RegisterIndex As ListView.SelectedIndexCollection = Nothing

            If CInt(lsvRegisters.Invoke(New GetListViewItemCount_Delegate(AddressOf GetListViewItemCount_ThreadSafe), lsvRegisters, "Selected")) > 0 Then
                RegisterIndex = CType(lsvRegisters.Invoke(New GetListViewSelectedIndicies_Delegate(AddressOf GetListViewSelectedIndicies_ThreadSafe), lsvRegisters), ListView.SelectedIndexCollection)
            End If


            'Refresh my ListView control here


            If RegisterIndex IsNot Nothing Then
                UpdateSelectedIndex_ThreadSafe(lsvRegisters, RegisterIndex(0)) 'Cross Thread error occurs here
            End If

    End Sub

Delegate Function GetListViewSelectedIndicies_Delegate(ByVal ListView As ListView) As ListView.SelectedIndexCollection

Public Function GetListViewSelectedIndicies_ThreadSafe(ByVal ListView As ListView) As ListView.SelectedIndexCollection
    Return ListView.SelectedIndices
End Function

Delegate Sub UpdateSelectedIndex_Delegate(ByVal lv As ListView, ByVal Index As Integer)

Private Sub UpdateSelectedIndex_ThreadSafe(ByVal lv As ListView, ByVal Index As Integer)
    If lv.InvokeRequired Then
        Dim MyDelegate As New UpdateSelectedIndex_Delegate(AddressOf UpdateSelectedIndex_ThreadSafe)
        lv.Invoke(MyDelegate, New Object() {lv, Index})
        For i As Integer = 0 To lv.Items.Count - 1
            If i = Index Then
                lv.Items(i).Selected = True
                lv.Items(i).BackColor = Color.FromArgb(203, 232, 246)
                lv.Items(i).ForeColor = Color.White
                lv.Items(i).Selected = False
                lv.Items(i).BackColor = Color.White
                lv.Items(i).ForeColor = Color.Black
            End If
    End If
End Sub

Any help appreciated. Thanks

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