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sorry but my English is not in well. I have problem with audio stream which(probably PCM)my modem 3G send in COM PORT in computer. I can not read this stream and play it. I can open this COM and view binarystream in console. How i can do play? How library use? I send around the Internet and i dont found anserw how it fix. Thanks for any reply.

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You need to show some effort –  Yahya Apr 28 at 9:29
I understand but i dont know how to get started. My app can comunicate with modem the port, i can call, send sms...the sound i dont have idea why i ask how library use...all lib audio which found can read file(mp3,wav...) or read stream url. –  user3580682 Apr 28 at 9:37
Have you tried consuming the stream you get? –  Yahya Apr 28 at 9:46
I do not really know what you thought of consuming. I have experience with writing business applications, invoices, database ... You can try to somehow explain to me what is it? Maybe I do not understand the language :) –  user3580682 Apr 29 at 6:58
I meant that if you have that binary stream, have you tried playing it through some kind of library. Google is your friend! –  Yahya Apr 29 at 8:57

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