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I am loading a page into a WebView. The page has this little-test Javascript:

<script type="text/javascript">
function test(parametr)



var bdu = (function(){
 return {
  secondtest: function(parametr) {



The problem is that I can't call the "secondtest" function from cocoa

this is perfectly work:

[[webview1 windowScriptObject] callWebScriptMethod:@"test" withArguments:arguments];

and this is not working:

[[webview1 windowScriptObject] callWebScriptMethod:@"bdu.secondtest" withArguments:arguments];

What would cause this problem and how do I fix it?


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I'll post this as comment instead of an answer: I don't know much about Javascript but it looks like the secondTest function is imbedded inside a block which itself is inside a function call. I don't see how anything external to script can resolve it as a callable function. (If this does work in Javascript, that language is an even bigger train wreck than I thought.) I would remove the function from its embedding and see if it works. If it does, then the embedding is wrong. – TechZen Feb 25 '10 at 13:39

I was struggling with this for some time in Cordova MacOSX and here is the solution I found and works for me:


CordovaBridgeUtil.isObject = function(obj) { return obj.constructor == Object; };


WebScriptObject* bridgeUtil = [win evaluateWebScript:@"CordovaBridgeUtil"];
NSNumber* result = [bridgeUtil callWebScriptMethod:@"isObject" withArguments:[NSArray arrayWithObject:item]];
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"callWebScriptMethod" is meant to call a given method on a given webscript (i.e. javascript) object. On your second line you want to call the "secondTest" method on the javascript object named "bdu". The way to do this is to:

  1. Get the bdu object from your window object:

    WebScriptObject* bdu =[[webview1 windowScriptObject] valueForKey:@"bdu"];

  2. Call the "secondTest" method on the bdu object:

    [bdu callWebScriptMethod:@"secondtest" withArguments:arguments];

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callWebscriptMethod:(NSString*)name withArguments:(NSArray*)args:

does not evaluate name as a Javascript expression. So it can't parse bdu.secondtest: it doesn't look up bdu first, then get the entry secondtest in it.

Instead, just use evaluateWebScript:.

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