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Are Solaris kernel stats unix:0:vopstats_zfs:* system (zpools) wide? I mean are those stats for all zpools present on system? I see sometimes huge differences between disks operations vs. ZFS operations and can't judge what makes that difference. For example ZFS write operations shows something between 2-3k operations per second, but disks shows more than 17k operations. On some periods those operations circa do match (if I take also L2ARC into account), but sometime they are totally divergent. I'm doing monitoring on global zone... is it possible, that something is hidden inside zones? It's one kernel so I expect same numbers in global zone and zones. System do have only ZFS, no UFS. No scrub was requested at that time.

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That depends on what Solaris release you are using.

From Solaris 11 onward, file system statistics are reported per zone while they are reported globally with Solaris 10 and older.

unix:0:vopstats_zfs:* only report the global zone activity.

unix:xx:vopstats_zfs:* will report the statistics for the zone with id xx.

You do not state if you parse the kstat(1M) command line output or if you use the libkstat API. Note that you can use the -z zone or -Z (all zones) fsstat options through the CLI.

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