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I want to know how you split a string in ruby.

In PHP you can use the function Strstr to do this.

I have tried the following code to achieve this.


So what is the best way in ruby to do this?

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Can you specify what you want to get back exactly? It's not clear from your question. –  Max Williams Apr 28 at 10:37
You mean the substring of a string? –  Pavan Apr 28 at 10:38
i want to get the variable (V) value from the string –  Astm Apr 28 at 11:02
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It's not clear what you're after, but if you want the "v" value from the params, i would do it like so:

video_url = "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zo2vav3dYnY&user=12334&name=sdetyfd"
param_hash = CGI::parse(video_url.split("?").last)
V = param_hash["v"]
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Yes this is exactly what I want , many thanks to you –  Astm Apr 28 at 11:04
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