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I'm facing a very strange problem.

The following code:

import time
target_time = time.time() + 30.0

doesn't work in Python code called from C++ (embedding)!

target_time has the same value as time.time() and any attempt to modify it leaves the value unchanged in a pdb console...

alt text

It happens after I've called root.initialise() in Ogre3D graphics engine, but only when using Direct3D, not when using OpenGL.

So this might be related to Direct3D...

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Found the answer in that thread:

D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE Set the precision for Direct3D floating-point calculations to the precision used by the calling thread. If you do not specify this flag, Direct3D defaults to single-precision round-to-nearest mode for two reasons:

  • Double-precision mode will reduce Direct3D performance.
  • Portions of Direct3D assume floating-point unit exceptions are masked; unmasking these exceptions may result in undefined behavior.
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