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Using bootstrap 2.3.2 and just introduced Infinity slider

When I'm using the dropdown nav and the slider changes slide, the dropdown nav disappears and I have to open it again (but quickly before the next transition). This is probably because the slider is active the "active state" of the menu gets overridden.

Is there a way to force the bootstrap menu to stay open or make it take priority over the Infinity slider (run the slider in the background, the default bootstrap slider/carousel does this).

If anyone has experienced the same or may know a way around it would be appreciated muchly!

share|improve this question - here is an example of the problem. Open the menu in the top right and leave it open until slide changes. – Tom Rudge Apr 28 '14 at 11:57
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Worked it out - in Bootstrap.js I commented out the line (under dropdown api-standard dropdown elements:

.on('', clearMenus)
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