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I have a design which I am doing with twitter bootstrap 3.

I have a grid of images. When I click one of the images, I need the ones below the row of the clicked image to slide down to open a div that would show description of that image.

Something like this link.

I couldn't make this example to work with bootsrap 3.

I need some help with this.

Ok I got this far.

Click this link for bootply link.

I got it to work in the basic level but now I'm having some trouble with the css. The boxes switch places. Also if I change the css of .og-expanded to float: none;, the third div drops below the slide.

    float: left;
    /*float: none;*/
    position: static;
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Hi, @Baghoo thanks for the reply. I have edited the question and added a link of the code that I have got so far. I'm stuck on an error. – Sworup Shakya Apr 30 '14 at 6:46

You can try something like this..

It uses jQuery to show/hide the appropriate hidden description following each row of images. You'd need to add a larger 2nd version of each image in the "description" cells.

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I need to make it responsive, so putting it in rows is a bit difficult proposition. I'll post an example of the way I am trying to tackle this in few minutes. Will post a bootply link. – Sworup Shakya Apr 30 '14 at 5:11

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