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On my Mac (running OS X 10.9.2), if I run the command

traceroute -F 16384

Then I get the output

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 16384 byte packets
1  localhost (  0.212 ms  0.075 ms  0.059 ms

But running the same command with 16385 as the packet size yields

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 16385 byte packets
traceroute: sendto: Message too long
1 traceroute: wrote 16385 chars, ret=-1

I'm just curious as to why, because these ICMP packets being sent to the loopback system presumably, and the other limitation is tracroute itself which doesn't allow packets bigger than 32768 bytes:

traceroute -F 10000000
traceroute: packet length must be <= 32768

The MTU of the loopback interface appears to be 16384 bytes.

So my question in short is why is the loopback interface limited to 16384? (And why don't I get the "Message too long" reply when I do a traceroute to an IP address in another town, say, with the packet size 1500 and the don't fragment "-F" flag on? Surely there's some part of the route with an MTU less than that?)

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