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If I have the url of a script that has a sourcemap, is there an easy way to find the sourcemap url for it (or the sourcemap contents)? Basically, I want to get the source map so I can use it with https://github.com/mozilla/source-map

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Request the same script with a .map extension instead of .js? –  Frédéric Hamidi Apr 28 at 12:46
I don't want to resort to hacks. If I was going to resort to anything, it'd be a regex match on the script - but even that fails if the script uses a header instead of the weird comment thing. –  B T Apr 28 at 13:03

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Ohh kay, so I got impatient and wrote a library for this:


Example usage: var sourcemapUrl = sourcemapLocator.fromUrl(originalSourceUrl)

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