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I have a little problem getting ImageMagick to work in TYPO3 ver. 6.2.1. error messages

I have added the right path for the im_path, because when I make a test.php file with the code

echo "<pre>";

and run the file, I get a page with a lot of test info. If I change the path to /usr/bin/, I get a blank page.

So I know the path is /usr/local/bin/convert, but I still get the error in the image when I test the Scaling function.

Does anyone know what the issue is with TYPO3 ver. 6.2.1?

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Check the path in typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php It can be that the path itself is not updated in the LocalConfiguration file.

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its not writing any info to that file. I have only this GFX code. 'GFX' => array( 'im_mask_temp_ext_gif' => 1, 'jpg_quality' => '80', ), –  Thomas Bøg Petersen Apr 28 at 13:55
You can edit your localconfig file yourself manually : 'GFX' => array( 'colorspace' => 'sRGB', 'im' => 1, 'im_mask_temp_ext_gif' => 1, 'im_path' => '/opt/local/bin/', 'im_path_lzw' => '/opt/local/bin/', 'im_v5effects' => 1, 'im_version_5' => 'im6', 'image_processing' => 1, 'jpg_quality' => '80', ), –  rob-ot Apr 28 at 17:56
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